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I have had a lot of experience with this company and the reason I am posting this is to inform you who dont know any better.Equity direct funding gets leads from they will call you and go over there script with you.

There script consists of telling you they work with all 3 credit bureaus and that they can adjust your scores because they are paying off your credit card debt and that will raise your scores.They tell you not to let anyone run your credit because that will lower your credit scores. Which is a complete lie. They have someone open you up and then they send in a closer which is usually a miss mccool (Who by the way has a little thing going with mr Jon Kinney the owner) Her close consists of telling you that because they are paying your debt off they were able to get you a better rate then anyone else can offer you. If you ask about closing costs they will tell you they charge 1 point then all the standard fees.

Well there standard fees are $2800 of junk fees plus the other required fees that are also padded high. Total costs and a $100k loan are usually atleast $8k thats ridiculous. They also charge you rebate because they are a "Direct Lender" they dont have to show you that. Last I heard they dont even mail you out the initial disclosures they wait until you get the closing table.

The moral of the story is dont fall for there lies.

You can go into your local bank or credit union and get far better rates and for much lower closing costs.I am suprised there arent more posts like this(probably because they are such a small company) If they have contacted you dont fall for there tricks feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about they I would be more then happy to answer.

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It doesn't sound like he needs a clergy sounds like he needs to go to a mortgage company that doesn't screw there customers.

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I think he has a valid point I was going to refinance my house threw them last spring and they did the exact same stuff. First someone called me and went through a script stating they were going to do some form of credit score exception bla bla bla all I want was the GFE and when I got it over $8000 in fees for less than a $140k loan amount absolutely ridiculous. I would love to hear from someone who actually fell for there lies and got a loan threw them.


Its dosent sound like you have a particular issue.Sounds more like someone got fired and decided to go virtual postal.

God forbid you decide to run out and go buy a gun and decide that whole world is against you.Perhaps a talk with a Pastor or Clergy can ease your anger.May peace with you.

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